Little Scholars Preschool in Forest Grove, OR

I recently launched a website for Little Scholars Preschool in Forest Grove, OR. This is one of two preschool/daycare sites I’ve setup in the last month or so. The other one is Busy Bee Daycare in Aloha. Company Information: Little Scholars University URL: Phone: 503-430-0482 Address: 2217 16th Ave, Forest Grove, OR 97116

Local Web Designer

A local web designer is someone who builds websites and is geographically close to you, right? Maybe, but let’s look at an alternative concept of what local might mean in this context. Serving small local businesses Perhaps it’s about who you serve and your expertise, instead of physical proximity. Since inception, the focus of Justin’s … Read more

Salon Website – Potions Salon

Originally posted on Google+ Justin is very helpful and can break things down so you can get the full picture. He often sends out helpful tips, and is always willing to make changes to our site in a reasonable time frame. Instead of just doing the minimum required, Justin takes the time to guide you … Read more

Website Upgrades: Is my site secure?

Please take note of this warning advisory: Due to recent technical changes and increased hacker activity, your website may be at risk. While any aging website can be susceptible to hacking, this article is specifically intended for those running older versions of WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for building websites. With … Read more