Free fax services -send/receive faxes for free (2019 Update)

*** 2019 Free Fax Service Update ***

Below are the websites I use to send and receive faxes at little or no cost.

  • Send Faxes for
    This service lets you send faxes of up to 3 pages (2 per day) for free. I’ve used both the paid and free version for years.
  • Receive Faxes for Free –
    Efax doesn’t promote their free package on their site. I found it by Googling them. Additionally, I believe it can take a day or so for the phone number to be set up. Once it’s setup, though, you can receive up to 10 pages per month.
  • Receive unlimited faxes for $1/
    This is the service I use. While the eFax would almost always work for me, It’s not worth the hassle on those rare months that I might receive more than 10 pages.

*** 2017 Update ***

It doesn’t appear that K7 is still doing free fax numbers. I switched to which is $1/mo prepaid. I actually prefer this to K7, as with K7 I lost my number a few times. If you are concerned with having your CC# out online, you could probably use a prepaid CC. I’ve even found those at the Dollar store, so you could put $20 on a card from there and fund the account, and be all set for 20 months.

For outgoing faxing, I always use I’ve used both the paid and free version of this service and both work well.

For free phone/voicemail, I use Google Voice. It’s a great way to get a second phone number that you can use for business or just for privacy. You do need to connect it with an existing number, I don’t recall if the number must be a cell phone.

For about a year I’ve been using a free fax service ( People can also call my fax number and leave a voicemail, so you could use it as a voicemail number. When you sign up for the free service, you get an assigned phone number. Mine is a Seattle number. I believe you can pay extra for a local number.

The faxes come in as TIFF files that open fine in Microsoft Image Viewer. I didn’t need to set that up. When I clicked on the attachments they just opened. Some free services require you to use their software.

Note: I used to have another number, and I lost it. The reason is I don’t get very many faxes. If you let your account stay inactive for too long, you’ll get your number taken away. To make sure this didn’t happen I signed up for a weekly fax advertisement to come to my free fax number. This means I know I get a fax once a week, and that my fax number is staying active. I’ve included the link below to the one I use, but you can also just google “Weekly Fax Advertisement.”