5 hidden costs of a free website

Would you cash a check for 13 cents? Trump did. In 1990, Trump was one of 58 ultra-wealthy Americans who were unwitting participants in an experiment run by Spy Magazine to find out, “Who is America’s Cheapest Zillionaire.” First, these high-net-worth individuals were sent checks for $1.11 and 26 of the 58 cashed those checks. … Read more

Free PDF Creation Tool

Easy free software that allows you to change anything that you can print into a pdf. When you install it it adds a virtual printer to your list of printers and when you print to the PrimoPDF printer it allows you to save the document as a pdf. Click here

Tips for Writing Website Content

Here are some basic tips for to help you create copy/content for your website. 1) Write as though you are talking tone person WRONG WAY: We provide excellent customer service for our clients RIGHT WAY: You will receive excellent customer service when you work with us. 2) Write in “you” language not “us” language, in … Read more