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Affordable websites for local small businesses

What makes Justin’s Web Design a good choice
for your small business?

Affordable prices

If you operate a small businesses, probably have a pretty tight budget. Sadly, many professional website developers are only interested in working with budgets of thousands of dollars. Justin’s Web Design is different. My whole business model is created with small businesses and small budgets in mind.

Save Money


Everybody knows that small business owners are among the hardest-working and busiest people in the world. When you run a small business, jumping through a bunch of hoops just to get a quote, can be extremely frustrating.
This is why I offer a few simple service-and-pricing packages, so you can easily choose the option that will best serve you. These packages are carefully designed to provide complete professional websites suitable for most small businesses, although you may also add extra features and/or customization if you choose.

Start with your goals

What does/should your website do for you and your business? What is your primary goal for your website? From the beginning I focus on your goals. Only from that starting point can your site be developed for for maximum effectiveness.

The biggest split in website expectations has to do with how big a role you are hoping your website will in your overall marketing strategy. For some people the website is one small piece, like a brochure, of a bigger strategy. For others, the main reason for getting a website is in the hopes of ranking well on the search engines and thus driving new business.

As you can probably guess, building a site that ranks well on the search engines isn’t as easy as it sounds. Much of it depends on your industry, location, and competition. All things being equal, if your main goal is search engine optimization, you can expect it will take more time and/or cost more money.

Trusted advisor

A clear focus on your goals means I will sometimes be giving you the ‘hard truth.’ This may be discouraging you to use a feature that would potentially detrimental. For example, a few years ago “flash intros” were popular with business owners who wanted to add a “wow” factor to their sites. Unfortunately website visitors simply found “flash intros” annoying and distracting. While many web developers were selling this technology, I was actively advising my customers against it.

Helping you with realistic expectations is another way I may advise you. You may experience this before you even hire me. For example, if your main purpose of getting a website is for new business from the search engines, there are some important things to understand. Your typical web developer won’t give you this info. It’s quite possible they don’t understand it themselves.

I take my role as a trusted adviser very seriously, and therefore, strive to help you make the best decision in every phase of our relationship.

Better systems

Part of the reason you’ll get such an affordable website is due to the systems I’ve developed. I have eliminated some common web development practices that are actually unnecessary or even negative in creating an effective website. An example of this is starting with mock-ups and doing revisions before creating the initial design. My system allows you to see a complete website at the outset, at which time revisions may be readily made. This saves time and money for you while achieving a superior end result.


A site you can update yourself

Keeping a website up-to-date is a particular challenge for small businesses. Typically a client must send each update to a web developer and then wait days (sometimes weeks) for the change to appear, paying a fee for every change made. Alternatively, with my system, you have direct access to make your own updates. From changing a price or adding a new product listing to advertising an open house or spur-of-the-moment sale, you have the control. You even get step-by-step video training showing you how to make your changes.

Focus on long-term business relationships

My business model is built upon providing each of our clients with individualized, ongoing value, year after year. The development of a website shouldn’t be a one-time-and-you’re-done investment. A site’s true value and benefit depends on its upkeep and growth. If you plan to use your website to help your business thrive for any length of time, you’ll want to have the support of a website professional. One you can trust and depend upon. If you have experienced the pain of having your web designer drop off the face of the planet, you already understand the importance of having the right person in your corner.

Since its founding in 2005, Justin’s Web Design has cared for hundreds of satisfied clients, and I plan to continue providing top-quality services for many years to come. You can be sure that I will be there for the long-haul, helping you achieve long-term success.

No Pressure — No Hype

Easy to get startedIf you’ve had your business open for any length of time, you’ve probably had your fill of high-pressure sales people making wild claims and outrageous promises. When you call me, you can be confident I will not pressure you, and I won’t feed you a bunch of empty hype. So, what can you expect when you call?

We’ll simply start with scheduling a 30–45 minute initial phone consult, at your convenience. This call will help determine your goals and allow me to present the best options for you.

If you’re ready to schedule an initial consultation and/or you have any further questions, please shoot me an email here
or call 503-828-1763.