Tips for Writing Website Content

Here are some basic tips for to help you create copy/content for your website.

1) Write as though you are talking tone person

  • WRONG WAY: We provide excellent customer service for our clients
  • RIGHT WAY: You will receive excellent customer service when you
    work with us.

2) Write in “you” language not “us” language, in other words put the reader first

  • WRONG WAY: We give you this benefit
  • RIGHT WAY: You get this benefit when you work with us
  • WRONG WAY: We provide free delivery
  • RIGHT WAY: When you purchase this product, you get free delivery

3) Give specific examples whenever possible

  • WRONG WAY: We save our clients money
  • RIGHT WAY: Our average client in 2005 saved $3,021.

4) Avoid  qualifying language

WRONG WAY: We like to say we’re the best value in town
RIGHT WAY: Our clients tell us we’re the best value in town
RIGHT WAY VERSION 2: Are you ready for the best value in town?

5) Use titles, bullet lists and bold – people tend to skim through websites so they might just read the titles, subtitles and bold text

None of these tips are steadfast rules. You’ll find there are times when they don’t fit into
the message you’re trying to communicate.