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I am a local real estate broker who relies heavily on Justin’s expertise. The man is a marketing genius!

Justin will be the first to tell you that he is not a graphics designer, but in the world of websites I have come to learn that graphics are (and should be) second to functionality and compelling nature. I have made thousands of dollars off of this website that Justin created for me a little over a year ago. I also have a very “pretty” site that my company provides that I make no money from. It’s not hard to do the math.

I give Justin FIVE stars for all that he has done, and continues to do for me. I consider him a friend, colleague, and my go-to guy with anything that is related to websites. The knowledge that he brings to the table in his profession is quite profound.

Mark Vandervest
Real Estate Broker
RE/MAX Equity Group, Inc.
503-495-4973 Direct