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Leasing Professional – Rosanne Wilson – 1st Independent

Before I hired Justin, my website was dull, very slow to load, and the pages were not tagged properly with keywords that would help folks find our services when searching on the internet. Justin performed a miracle
and my new website is awesome! I even have flash movement he added for more effect and greater visibility on the internet. You are a lifesaver Justin and the cost was so reasonable. Thank you !
I will continue to recommend you!
Rosanne Wilson

Elliott Bookkeeping School

My business has been using Justin’s Web Design Services for approximately 3 years. I have been very happy with what he offers and the customer service is terrific. When I need something upgraded or changed, I can get help, or if it’s substantial, a quote on the project immediately, as well as feedback and advice on what will make my website more productive. I will continue to use Justin’s services, including web hosting. Thank you, Justin!

Business and Life Coach – Galileo Life Support

When I forget that I didn’t get into business to be a web designer, I use my speed-dialed code and call Justin. He’s always professional, helpful, and most of all knowledgeable. I’ve really enjoyed working with Justin on my three websites and will continue to use him to keep them updated and fresh. I’ve gotten many complements on my websites. Whenever I have an update, Justin never fails to surprise me by willing to help me out.

I’ve sent a number of colleagues, friends, and clients to him to get there website done and have only heard good comments about his work.


Quicken Training Professional, 2nd Site Business Solutions

I’ll admit I’m a cheapskate at heart and I’ve used Justin’s services for years because I want the biggest bang for my buck without sacrificing quality or service. Justin makes it so easy for me to have and maintain a website that I can edit on my own, 24 hours a day. He provided the software and training that allows me to change text content instantly. If I need anything else, I just email my request to Justin and he takes care of it for me so I don’t have to bother with it. I couldn’t be happier with Justin’s services.

Just a couple of weeks ago I emailed Justin to say:

Hi Justin,I just wanted to say thank you AGAIN! I finally got around to watching your instructional video again and changed the links in my website. Now it looks and behave more professionally than my original method of showing the person’s web address in the text. It’s so easy to use your web editor. If you ever need a testimonial, just let me know.

Happy Independence Day,

K.C. Courtnier
2nd Site Business Solutions

Testimonial – Whirlygig Designs – Interior Designer Website

I am all about “bang for my buck”. I like good quality but I also appreciate fair pricing… if you’re of the same mindset Justin’s Web Design may be a match made in heaven for you, too!

When I first happened upon Justin’s service I was impressed with the sheer number of template choices upon which to base my website…. however, as a designer, none of them was quite right for my image. So I went the “custom” route with Justin and I’m sure glad I did.

Justin truly endeavored to “get inside my head” and was incredibly patient as I fussed over the slightest nuance. In the end I can say I am positively delighted with not only how well my web site truly reflects my business, but also with how well I was able to work with Justin on an individual basis.

Justin is very knowledgable and was very patient when explaining why we could or could not do a certain thing during the development phase. He’s truly a gem to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Michelle Pointer
Whirlygig Designs