Agent Site Factory – Websites for Real Estate Agents

Client: N/A (internal)
Business Category: Web Design
Website URL:
Business Location: Beaverton, OR
Design: Custom developed website with special functionality
Year Built: 2015
Type of Project: Internal

Main goal:

The idea is to offer a simple website package for real estate agents. One of the core functionalities that they need is the ability for people to come to the site and search for properties, get alerts about new properties, and a few other dynamic features. This requires a more advanced solution then our typical site, but we were still put together something affordable.


One of our core challenges was coming up with a system for showing the different themes available in a format that would make it easy for the agents to see what they like best.

Agent Site Factory

Special Features
  • Animated Slider
  • Tabed display for themes
  • FAQ manager