I have a website that I might want to replace with a more professional looking one. I currently have it hosted through another company. If you created a website for me could I keep my current hosting and would I be able to make changes or updates?

In order to provide you with a professional site, that you can update, and is easy to maintain, I require that you use my hosting. Other companies, Godaddy for example, have a lot of different restrictions and these can add significant time in setting up a site, as well as maintaining it. This is time … Read more

How hard is it to make updates on my site?

You will find the editor’s I use to be very easy to use. If you can use basic email programs, you’ll probably have no problem with these editors. Additionally, you get video training showing you exactly how to make changes.

How long will it take to build my site?

The turn around time can be as low as a week, with the average closer to 2 and a half. It depends on the complexity of your site as well as how booked up I am.

What are the costs involved with getting a website?

You have three main costs associated with building a website. The Costs Are: Domain Registration – Example: www.yourdomainname.com Hosting – Hosting is like rent for the computer space where your website sits Design/Setup – The initial cost of building the site as well as any costs for changes in the future For your convenience I … Read more

What’s up with the low price?

Many people are worried about the price. It’s been said many times, “You get what you pay for!” You can get more with me, because of technology. More specifically, my smart use of systems and technology to provide very effective sites at a fraction of the cost.  

How Much Will My Site Cost?

It depends heavily on how customized you would like the site as well as how much content you want to start with. I truly believe that my Basic Website Package will work for most small businesses.

Does a Small Business Need a Website?

Yes, it used to be that people ask you, “Do you have a website?” in this day and age people ask, “What is your website address?” It’s moved from an nice thing to have, to a necessity.  Would you try and do business without a business card? Additionally, most people don’t use the Yellow Pages … Read more