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Basically e-commerce is the process of selling something online. As simple as it sounds it one of the more complicated web design projects. The reason it’s more difficult is because of the shear number of solutions and the pieces of the puzzle that need to work together.

I offer three options for an e-commerce (shopping cart) website. Before we get to the description of the different packages, take a look at the main expenses.

This is the cost of the initial setup of your shopping cart.

I show you how to add/delete/edit products and categories to your store. The prices shown are for included video training. The video training is an informal online video that shows me walking you through steps, just as though you were sitting behind me watching.

Merchant Account
You merchant account allows you to accept credit cards.

The gateway is a service that connects your shopping cart to your merchant account.

Shopping Cart Hosting
This is the hosting for your shopping cart.


Basic Shopping Cart
If you qualify for a merchant account with this company, contact me for info, you’ll get a basic shopping cart & gateway included with your merchant account. This is a big cost savings. It is a basic shopping cart. Click here to see an example of the look of the shopping cart. Note: this is just for the shopping cart, and you’ll need to have a website to attach it to. Click here for package pricing for websites.

Setup: Starting at $300
Training: $85
Merchant Account: Approximately $25/mo
Gateway: Included
Shopping Cart Hosting: Included

Advanced Shopping Cart – Template Based
For this solution we move to a hosted shopping cart solution. This is a more advanced shopping cart with many options such as running sales, easily adding products, etc. Your shopping cart could be a stand alone site or could be connected to a new website. It depends on the amount of additional information you’d like to give your potential customers.

Setup: Starting at $800-1200
Training: $85
Merchant Account: Approximately $15/mo
Gateway: $149 Setup, $20/mo, and 20 cents per transaction (unless you use PayPal)
Shopping Cart Hosting: $30-80/mo

Advanced Shopping Cart – Customized
If you need a site designed to match a current website, or a new custom design, you can use this option. It’s the same as the above Advanced Shopping Cart, except for the look.

Setup: Call for Quote (503-828-1763)
Training: $85
Merchant Account: Approximately $15/mo
Gateway: $149 Setup, $20/mo, and 20 cents per transaction
Shopping Cart Hosting: $30-80/mo

Please contact me with any questions. You can call me at 503-828-1763 or use the contact form.